Shipping Option

Shipping Option: 1} Postal Services, 2) DHL, 3} FEDEX, 4} TNT :  Our shipping option are categories in different method of delivery. Postal Services( Regular, Registered, & Expressed}, If you select this option its the longer  period of delivery more or less 30 business days it depends on the option you choice from the postal service , please check your postal in your country or the local postal in your location. DHL this the fastest way 3 to 7 or 10 business days, FEDEX & TNT are almost the same maybe  a day ahead or delayed, take note those private competing. If you select this method you need to agree the fees which this private carrier are charging. the good thing you can get your  item fast as you expected. Shop Now after you place your order,  go to check out,  then ask us how then  we can put you what method shipment you want for your satisfaction because we believe in you. but not all item(product) are available in this method of delivery. But all item sell here are available for delivery method in  postal carrier service